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In the final part of our series on setting up a wood shop, Lance and Daniel discuss topics on layout, workflow, workstations and more.

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  • So I always here everyone (wood podcast guys) say, don't buy all the tools for your shop, don't build the workbench until (insert timeframe). I don't mean to be critical, but why not. I would suggest you buy the tools now that you can afford and that you know you will use. Further-more, if you are new to the craft and own your own home, then don't get wood working tools, get DIY tools. We all in the craft by working on our homes, so new woodworkers should get tools that allow them to build/improve their home environments. That way, the spouse will see the value in the investments. --Just saying is all. Carry on, carrying on. You guys are doing a nice podcast.

    posted by: Garet D. on 2017-07-31 20:39:30

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